Bonja Group is a luxury goods company that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells, luxury watches, Jewellery, objects of art, handbags and accessories. The firm is founded and led by Anthony Bonja, a 3rd generation in a family of renowned jewellers, and has currently its principal place of business located in Down Town, Lebanon.

Multitalented artist, designer, graduate of the Gemmological Institute of America and master gemmologist appraiser, Anthony Bonja spent more than a decade between California and Antwerp learning gemmology and craft of cutting and polishing diamonds, before setting down is Antwerp in 1974 where he started creating luxurious watches. His first Bonja timepiece was unveiled in 1978. Less than a decade later, he opened his first shop in Antwerp where he combined the trade of watches, jewelleries and unique handbags.

In 1982, and because every single art creation is driven by passion and inspired by the power of time and professionalism, Anthony Bonja presented his exclusive limited series of jewel watches during the Basel Jewellery and Watch Fair in Switzerland. It was the turning point in the life of a young man born to experience and challenge all sort of complications so as to satisfy his loyal clientele, where he started to attract the attention of international collectors and amateurs from all over the world to appreciate the value and uniqueness of each item.

During his stay in Antwerp, Anthony also contributed to the research and education in the field of gemmology and Jewellery art through support of the Gemmological Institute of Antwerp founded by the Institute of Strasbourg.

In early 2000, the talented artist moved the headquarters of his business to Beirut City, the capital of Lebanon, where he opened various showrooms and signature shop in the heart of downtown. He then expanded the brand into Abu Dhabi and further on into Asia.

For more than four decades, amazement and glamour have been accompanying every Anthony Bonja creation. No matter what the creation is, a jewel, a watch, a handbag, a lighter, a pen, or even a perfume, all has to be marketed with a first class savoir faire, always carrying the refined touch of its Master.